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picture of my stuff

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Somebody (Hawk I think) resized and gussied up this picture of my stuff. Thanks Hawk.

It's an M1A standard (SA) with a SA scout mount and a Simmons 2X handgun scope. The camo job was done in my back yard with some Krylon I bought at the PX. I know it isn't great, but I'm still learning, until I have the money to get one from wamo-camo. It's the first in what I hope will be many M1As to come.

The pistol is a SA "loaded" with AO express Tritium big dot sights and Rogaurd finish.

The knives are both Cold Steels, an Big Bear Classic and Khukri.
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That is a fine lookin set up there. Your cammo job looks fine to me with the shaddows there it breaks up the line just nicely. I didnt even know about the scope till I read about it and looked for it.
chromechicken said:
... It's an M1A standard (SA) with a SA scout mount ...
That sounds like the ultimate combo!
If I ever fall prey to the rule of two's
I will do as you have done. Very nice.
More pictures please.
I believe Six is the culprit that resized and added some picture magic :mrgreen:
Whomever did it, thanks.
The camo job is OK, but I am saving my pennies for one of Six's set-ups :D .
I am taking it to the range this weekend, I have yet to shoot it with the scope on it. I'll post results Saturday evening. Thanks for the compliments.


Oops. Sorry. Was wiping the drool off my keyboard. :wink:

Nice lookin' iron ya got there...

Nice set-up ya got there.

Thanks for sharing!

Looks like you are ready to rock and roll. :mrgreen:

Cool pic. Thanks for sharing.

Nice lookin' stuff ... :wink:

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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