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PICS of your Favorite Pistol

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I would love to see pictures of your favorite Pistol. Please post them here :)

I have a Kimber Custom SS 1911 in .45acp that's my favorite right now. I will try to post some pictures soon. I noticed I have been taking all kinds of pictures of my rifles but none of my pistols.

Figure this is a good way for us to show off what we got :)

SixT....TAG! You're first! :p
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Well...I still haven't had a chance to take pics of my 1911....since chickenfried already have a pretty good reprenstation of it, I figure I would post one of my other favorites.

This is my very first pistol. Beretta Brigadier 96 INOX (Stainless) in .40SW. It's pretty beefy and shoots pretty well too. :) I only shot about 10 mags throug it.

Another safe queen!

http://www.photobucket.com/albums/0603/wdigeorge/Beretta Brigadier 96 INOX /6ec2d4cd.jpg

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nice 1911 wdig, beautiful finish on that Eclipse. Any complaints or is it all gravy? The Eclipse was the first pistol to really catch my eye and have me lusting after it as my first gun. But after I got all my dough together and researched a little I got the stainless. A teeny tiny part of me regrets not getting the Eclipse.

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I don't blame ya T ...

That little Baretta is seewt and I'm sure sorely missed ... :(

Sometimes ya gtta do what ya gotta do but I bet that was a hard decision.


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My 10mm

Hello all,
This is my carry gun.. I upgraded the following.

10mm Colt Delta Elite
Ed Brown:
National Match Trigger
Hardcore Hammer
Hardcore Sear
Hardcore Slide Stop
Hardcore Firing Pin
Hammer Strut
Barrel Bushing
Hex Head Grip Screws
Grip Screw Bushings
Memory Groove Beavertail Grip Safety
Tactical Extended Safety
Recoil Spring Guide/Slide Recoil Buffers
Extended Tactical Magazine Release
The Wedge Main Spring Housing

I also had the following work done:
Hand Checkered Front Strap/Trigger Housing
Lowerd/Flared Ejection Port
Heinie Night Sights
"Light" Melt down of sharp edges
Custom Cocobolo Grips (My Work)
Polished Throat and Feed Ramp

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