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Kinda looks like one of them Rugers there AFront but I don't know for sure.

Guess we're gonna have to wait for TomR to splain these to us ... :arrow:

Where ya at there Razorback ... :?:


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Geez Tom,

That is one heck of a collection!!! Gorgeous firearms in you collection and one to be proud of Sir!!!

I had a few "wheelies" myself back in the PPC days, but sold them. The funny thing is I can't remember "why"! I'll bet it took you a bit to acquire all of them beauties, huh?

Really nice collection!

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

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Thanks for posting the photos of my toys.

The first photo is of the S&Ws. The 2" 19 and the bread top are two I overlooked when I drug out the S&Ws.

Photo two is A Rugen Super Redhawk in .44mag, A series 80 Colt in 9mm, and a 1991 tricked .45. They had just been out to play.

Photo four is of the .44s, top 444 Marlin, two 29s, the Ruger Redhawk, and a .44 marlin carbine. All hunting guns and all producers.
The knives are by Lile, an Arkansas knife smith. He built the knife for the Ranbo movie.

Photo Five is the 9mm Colt and a fitted .38 super slide and barrel assembly. Makes two fine shooters.

Photo six are my pick. Win .45colt carbine, and S&W 25-5 .45colt.

The last photo is of the two colts and the Super Redhawk along with a standard M1A dressed in a Wamocamo Urban pattern and a pre 64 (1957) Winchester mod. 94 in .30 WCF. These guns had just spent the day at the range and had had more fun than I could stand.

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