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Pics: 35mm tube, 50 obj. Basset High mt., Low rings

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The setup:

IOR 3.5 - 18 X 50 35mm tube, First Focal Plane, Illuminated Reticle, 36 oz. weight
Basset High rail mount
IOR Low Steel Rings

I am trying to show how the clearances worked out.

I am a total amateur for putting this stuff together, but I went to the 35 mm tube for future distance shooting potential. This is a pretty heavy setup. With the cheek pad, I have good view through the scope. Although there is a clear iron site picture, he ability to use the iron sites is irrelevant in that the setup is too heavy to shoot offhand. I just wanted the ability to compare my scope sighting to the iron sight.

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Love the Bassett mounts.
Good looking setup.

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Research, still the only game in town......

Looks like a totally complete rig.DI5

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It was such a nice day that I decided to go to the range for the second outing for this scope. I had the range completely to myself for over an hour, not even a range master. Nice!

Already had the scope zeroed for 50 yards (gotta start somewhere). Mounted up the Basset and was back in business, punching out the center of the target then tracing the one inch squares around the target. This is nothing to brag about, just interesting to do. Moved out to 100 yards then 200 yards for the first time ever for me. What a blissful, sunny day to have the range to myself. I never changed the scope elevation from fifty to 200 yards, just adjusted my aim. If I could shoot a consistent group, then I would probably try to perfect the elevation. While I could pick out a one inch square at fifty, I was trying to get inside four inches at 200. Actually I was thrilled that I could even reach out and touch that target. I was watching the breeze on the trees and did feel some wind effect. My shots seemed more consistent after about fifty rounds dirtied up the rifle. It occurred to me that I could use the scope to spot my iron sight work. This rifle definitely shoots better than I do, I have a lot of skill building to do.

Well, folks eventually showed up with their .223's
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