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Pic of my Springfield M1A/ Fulton Armory gun, NM package....

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Heres a pic of my M1A that i recently purchased, Preban M1A, Fulton Armory NM package, with all the doodads. I had previously purchased a USGI synthetic stock, this stock used to come on catalogued SA models, but not for some years.
I was figuring I had to glass bed this, but after having to mildly whack the receiver with a rubber mallet to get it into the TIGHT synthetic stock, i didn't bother.
Gun shoots 3/4 MOA with off shelf 168gr Black hills match ammo, and about 1/2moa with proper handloads, and no, i dont shoot it off the bipod for those groups :D
Currently waiting for my Arms mount to scope it, AND awaiting my Sparrowhawk dummy package to fill the holes on the opposite side.
Stock came out brighter in the pic than in real life, effect of the flash i suppose!
Once the dummy kit gets here, it'll be a little nicer!

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Aloha JayB:

You got a beautiful looking rifle there!!! Very Cool, Sir! Looks like its ready to "rumble"!!!

And, the pic came out very nice... a little on the big side, but nicely shot... take more pics when your scope and selector kit come in... that would be cool...

Congratulations again, looks like you got a WINNER!!!


Tom O.

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thanks guys...

The stock was represented as a VN era stock, but I wasn't sure, so i was not going to claim so. The paint job is pretty sweet, it shoots in that stock, so i think i'll leave it there.

thats also the real deal M2 bipod, got that in NIW last year off a fella in Nevada on one of the boards.

originally had it on my 50cal rifle, but when I got this, I slapped a chinese copy on that, and put this one over here on the M1A.

I'll post another pic after the selector kit is on, should fill the unsightly holes on that side!

now.....leather....canvas....or synthetic sling.....decisions...
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