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Persian Mausers

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Persian Mausers from Samco have got to be the most beautiful Mausers ever made. They were made by CZ in the 20s-30s. Most have never been fired. The one I got had its original 16in bayonet attached , and judging from the slight rust ring and gobbs of dried cosmoline , was never removed. After de-gunking the rifle , the bore was like a mirror. The beautiful polishing and slow-rust bluing is unlike anything made today. The stock is fancy walnut. The crest of a lion in sunburst is pure artwork. The serial numbers and all info is in Farsi. They're not that expensive now , about $250. Oh yean , the important thing , they shoot about a 2 inch group with surplus ammo.
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I had the joy of owning a "Special Select" grade Persian from Samco and man was it beautiful! I traded it for a Russian SKS-45 and once and a while I regret doing it. I'd really like to shell out the $595 for one of their actual unissued Persian mausers. They still have the unissued ones on their web site as of yesterday.
Really pretty rifles - one of my first C&R purchases. Research indicates that the $250 ones MAY be reblued, though. :cry:

I picked up several of the 98/22 Mausers from SOG, and managed to get one that has a cherry bore, 95%+ finish (reblue), minimal rust pitting, and a decent stock! It's not as pretty as my 98/29 Persian, but I don't feel bad about shooting it, either!
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