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parts price check

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With the idea of possibly building my next M1a I've been loking for parts. One of the few places that has op rods is Dupage Trading Co. They are made by Harrington&Richardson and cost $175. Is that too high? THey ALso have stripped GI bolts for $80, and trigger assembly for $75. Are they priced right?
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Go to www.lrbarms.com for complete USGI bolts for $75. They also have complete trigger units for $75. Look in the PX and Steals & Deals, on this board, for other parts. Elmer Balance is selling Oprods for $150, too high for me, but oprods are really getting hard to find!
:D :D SoDak! Welcome to this Forum, a great Place to hang out! Op Rods are getting scarser than Hens Teeth but $175 is too high I saw complete Bolts at a Gunshow yesterday for $69, $49 stripped so I think $80 is a tad high, $75 for a Trigger Group is not out of line IMHO. :wink:
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