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I'm picking up some parts along the way for a build sometime after this deer season. The USGI parts I now have or have coming is bolt, trigger group, operating rod, gas cylinder with band, and flash suppressor.

With the exception of the barrel, what hard to get parts do I need to be on the lookout for? I thinking the rest should be easy.

I'm still deciding about barrel and receiver. Learning toward either a chrome lined USGI or chrome lined commerical instead of a match barrel because I like to shoot and I'm getting too old to think about match shooting. My shooting buddy who shoots one holed groups with his home made rifles claim I heat the barrels up to much for a match barrel, Ha. How do the USGI barreils and chrome lined commerical barrels compare to each other?

I'm also bouncing back and forth between a Fulton receiver and a LBR forged reciever.

At least I've got untill after deer season to make my mine up. Any input is appreciated.


Joe A.

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Howdy Joe,

I suggest the LRB receiver if ya want a forged one.
If the cast receiver is what ya want, buy an Armscorp receiver.
The Armscorp NM receiver is the same as the Fulton.
You just pay more for the Fulton name because of their advertising campaign.
Armscorp makes Fulton receivers, and to the same dimensions as an Armscorp. I should know, I build M14 type rifles everyday. Don't let anyone tell ya different.

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