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Hopefully this will wind up this Thread and all will have improved their M1's.

Assemlbe the rifle, less the stock and G C.. the opt rod has no support, you may tape it against the barrel if you chose.

Mix up your epoxy, while it is thickening up, clean the LB mounting surface and inside the LB where contact is made with the barrel and inside HG tenons slots... Apply the loctite or epoxy to the barrel and a very little inside the LB.

Apply epoxy, stingy, to the RHG tenon and the seating slot on the LB.
Slide the LB on the barrel and seat it by hand in the position mentioned before. Place the pipe driver over the barrel and tap the LB on to the stakes, just far enough to allow the RHG to slid into place and yet far enough on the mount you can control the HG while taping the LB fully home agaist the barrel shoulder. The HG clip in pressed down into the retaining slots, push the RHGH as far forward by hand as possible, this will allow the gap at the rear, should be able to slip a Dime in the gap.

Load the FHG tenon and LB slot with epoxy, stingy again. slid it home into the LB. Hold the FHG with you left hand and slide the washer over the barrel, follow with the GC. At this point you have to GUIDE the opt rod into the rear of the GC... Push the GC against the washer and screw on the lock fully but not real wrench tight.. just enough where it won't go any farther by hand.. screw in the plug hand tight.. This effort will push the FHG into a solid seat. .

Clean up all ushed epoxy...
Now turn the rifle upside down and pat the LB one way or another until the rod is centered. No pin yet..

Now clean up all pushed out epoxy again, pay close attention to the areas on both side of the LB, remove all epoxy that may interfer with the rod travel, same for the area around the FHG ferrule.. This is close work, you may need a thin tool to get into the tight places Allow to dry 12 hrs..

Sorry, but it looks like there will be a Part 10, supper ready.. Art
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