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Went to Panama last January fishing. Here are some pictures of the local militia that was wandering around. These pictures were taken at Penas Bay about 10 miles south of Columbia on the pacific side. Only about 40 miles from the Darian Gap where a British and U.S reporters were abducted while I was there. Even though it is 40 miles it might as well be a thousand very rugged terain. Notice the third picture the guy is carrying a cammoed AK . Say Six your not importing out of the country now are ya :lol:
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Just returned last week from a trip through the Panama Canal. Saw more of a police present than a military one from my last trip. The Trip where I took these pictures I flew into a jungle airstrip was next to a village located near the columbian border. No police just military personal there I just asumed that all of Panama had these Ak toting guys.
I didn't see a camo'd AK. If it is camo'd there isn't enough contrast, 'cause it looks black.

SK - How was the fishing ? fyi - not sure U R able to "import" anything "out" of the Country even in Panama. Nice white paint on camo stock - kinda what you would expect from a third world country - I am suprised they did not have chromed mags for their camo AK's.
SK - How was the fishing ?
Fished at Tropic star lodge, Penjes Bay, Panama. Fishing was great, the tacke sucked big time. Hooked 4 black marlin ranging from about 200 to 500lbs. Broke 2 swivels and the line broke in free spool on one 8O and one just plain got away :cry:
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