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Hey fellas. Newbie here with some newbie questions.

I picked up my M1A Scout last week and with it, picked up a 250 round ammo can of Pakstani 7.62 which has been linked together.

First question - anyone know an easy way to de-link this stuff?

Second Question - what qualtiy ammo did I get? Should i expect any duds or hangfires in the can?


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This is the video that showed me how. I wish to Hell I had bought 5,000 rounds of the stuff.

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Thanks Aficianado!

Wow that's way easier than I thought it would be! Thanks for the link buddy.


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Research, the only good game in town anymore......


For delinking....

The slower way...

1. Get yourself a large soft chair, place in front of TV.
2. Get yourself a pair of learther gloves heavy type.
3. Get yourself two ammo cans, one on each side of the chair.
4. Sit and watch TV as you push the rounds out the back of each link.
5. Place the round in one can and the unused link in the other.

The faster way...

1. Put the belted ammunition in your M60/SAW or Ma Duce and put the trigger
2. Pick up links and put in can on right.
3. Pick up brass and place in can on left.

"what qualtiy?" The listing below is what I have fired and scored over the years.

1, M118LR Lake City from 2003. Top score of 200-13X, on a SR-1 NRA standard 100 yard target, 1-20 round mag only with my NM M1A.
2, German DAG, surplus from 1993, 200-12X.
3, M118SB Lake City from 1963, 200-10X.
4, Radway Green surplus from 1990, 200-10X.
5, M118SB Lake City from 1985, a 199-12X.
6, Australian MF surplus from 1966, 199-10X.
7, Portuguese m/963 surplus from 1979, a 199-10X.
8, M852 Lake City from 1985, 198-13X.
9, Radway Green surplus from 1985, 198-12X.
10, Belgium surplus from 1977, 198-10X.
11, Bosnian surplus from 2003, 198-10X.
12, Radway Green surplus from 1995, 198-8X
13, South African surplus from 1980, 198-6X.
14, Santa Barbra surplus from 1980, 197-14X.
15, Argentine surplus from 1983, 197-8X.
16, German DAG, surplus from 1976, 197-8X.
17, Austria surplus from 1980, 197-6X.
18, Greek surplus from 1980, 197-6X.
19, German MEN 41, surplus from 1969, 197-6X.
20, Singapore surplus from 1986, 196-11X.
21, Israeli surplus from 1974, 196-10X.
22, Australian ADI surplus from 1988, 196-8X.
23, Bosnian M118 surplus from 2003, 196-8X.
24, Yugoslavia surplus from 2002, 196-6X.
25, Malaysian surplus from 1982, 195-6X.
26, Malaysian surplus from 1983, 194-9X.
27, Lithuanian surplus from 2003, 194-6X.
28, Yugoslavia surplus from 1989, 194-2X.
29, Venezuelan surplus from 1989, 194-2X.
30, Denmark, surplus from 1993, 193-2X.
31, Canadian, surplus from 1970, 192-8X.
32, Chilean, surplus from 1976, 191-4X.
33, Portuguese m/963 surplus from 1978, 190-4X.
34, Austria surplus from 1978, 190-3X.
35, South African surplus from 1981, 189-1X.
36, Pakistan military surplus from 1979. Score of 188-4X <<<<<.
37, Indonesian surplus from 1985, 187-1X.

Good luck and enjoy your rifle now....

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Thanks XXIV Corps


I must say the "faster way" would probably give me a heart attack, but would be awesome fun nonetheless!

Great post of your ammo data. I'm keeping a binder of all usefull data I want to keep from the forum and this will come in verrrry handy while looking for ammo.

If I shoot better than a 188, i'll probably need to post a good ribbing to you. DIEVIL

However, I don't think there a chance in hell I'll shoot 188 with the BEST ammo for quite some time.
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