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Aloha GA:

That is a mighty FINE PAIR!!! Can you tell me more about the Savage bolt action rifle? Do these have the adjustable trigger? How do they shoot? I have been thinking of a Savage for sometime now...

Actually ever since MsgtMaze sold his Savage F10 in McMillan, I have really been interested to knowing more about them...


Tom O.
Hi Tom

Both rifles do shoot sub moa @ 100 yrd. These are the early model w/o the accu trigger. It shoots good for what it is. Stocks way better than the flimsy factory savage gives you. I have some of the targets somewhere in the house. I'll look for it and post range report later..... 8)

I am in the same boat. 2 Savages 10 and 110 fp 223 and 308 and they are both sub moa at 100. The 308 savages is almost as good as my 308 pss remington.

Very nice pictures glock armorer one of the stocks looks like the bell carlson but I cant tell what kind of stock is on the 308 (the green stock)

Fine pair

Hi pbiggs

Both B&C stock, The Freedom Green on top and Black with gray spider web on the bottom.

Thank Gil,

I have been in a toss up recently! I am deciding on whether to take my Rem 700 to the next level (lap bolt, full accurze work with removable mag, etc.) or pick up a Savage FP10 - LE2B McMillan. Or maybe to get another Rem 700.

I really like MsgtMaze's rifle and when I finally decided to go after it (when it was being sold) he had already sold it earlier that day... bummers... but I really liked the way it looked.

So, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open on Savage rifles and how they perform. So any info you or Phil could provide would be "food" for thought!

Looking forward to hearing more about these "Savage's"!!! :lol:


Tom O.
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Hi dig

Get the one that has the accu trigger so you don't have to fiddle with it. The trigger's set at 2.5 lbs at the factory. ( Adjustable from 1.5 lbs. - 6 lbs.). Knowing you, you'll probably get the one on a Mcmillan stock. Which is a good choice BTW. You're gonna be satisfied with Savage FP models overall performance........ 8)

Glock very nice. Never had the pleasure of trying out a savage. Non in my collection :oops: The pair you just pictured got me scratching my head and wondering why. :lol:
I Like the Bell and Carlson stock. I put a freedom tan Bell and Carlson on my Mauser sporter in 270.win. I'll post some pics soon. Oh by the way, Great rifles !!!
I would love to have a stock like that on mine! Where can I buy one?
They sell it at Brownells and Bell and Carlson.....

wich B&C stocks is it???

I went on Bownells web site and they had a duramax stock.It looked like yours i cant tell if the forend is as yours(wide/varmit-tactical type)If it is the same how do you rate it.At that price id jump on it.Thanks Ray
Way better than the factory stock that Savage gives you. Feels and looks good. IMHO :D

beautiful rifles. Been looking at the Savage 11FNS. Love the Freedom Green Stock, absolutely stunning!
glock armorer

where did you buy your tasco SS scope from, I have been trying to locate one to buy. Thanks

The Super Snipers are only available thru SWFA
I just acquired a Savage 10FP in .308and just hated the stock.
I ended up putting a Choate "Ultimate Sniper" stock on it which just about doubled the weight but feels good and a heck of a lot better balanced too.
The accutrigger is a marvel to me
I love it :D
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