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This is a common suggestion to improve visibility and contrast on plain black iron sighted pistols. I tried it on a Para-Ordnance P14-45 Limited, S&W Model 28, RIA GI 1911, and S&W Model 10.

degreased with q-tips and then applied paint to the front sights and managed to not get it all over the guns. I used "tangerine" because it was the closest thing to neon orange I could find at the hobby store. It is gloss paint but on the serrated ramped revolver sights it doesn't seem to be an issue, and on the others I dabbed at the sheen with my finger while it was still a bit tacky and it dulled the shine.

It definitely increases visibility but MAY reduce absolute definition and accuracy for serious target work. The front sights are definitely easier to pick out but they will take some getting used to. I'm used to fiberoptic sights which still have a black defined edge around the FO rod to center the sight properly, whereas painting them just leaves a bright orange edge rather than black.

If it turns out not to be preferable, you can remove the paint with fingernail polish remover.

Video with closeups for any interested. Photobucket is not working (surprise) so pics will come later.


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When your vision is going south, the best solution is to fix your vision. For pistol, you generally want a +0.75 diopter reading lens. This is weaker than most glasses you buy at dime stores. I sell safety glasses with it molded in, exactly for shooters.

The 0.75 diopters will bring your focal point to 1.33 meters, which is about the hyperfocal distance of most sights, so you will see a nice front sight and a clear target - just like you used to when you were 18.
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