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Overtightened rear sight

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Some time ago, I overtightened the rear sight on my M1A. Both the elevation and windage knobs can be adjusted, but are very tight.

Since I set the rifle to a bsz, I never adressed the problem, especially since I am not sure what I did.

After checking the Iron Sight thread in the Reference section, I just want to make sure I understand what I need to do to fix this:

1. Loosen elevation screw
2. Loosen windage screw
3. Tighten elevation screw only until tension is set

Is this right?
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Should be able to just back off the windage screw a notch, then see how it feels.

The screw in the elevation knob is just for calibrating the elevation drum to the receiver mark.
An easy way to tell if it's too loose, use your thumb to push down on the rear sight. If it goes down, too loose, if it won't go down and elevation and windage works, you should be good to go. As NoExpert says, you should be able to loosen the nut a bit and make it work just fine.
Push 'in' on the elev screw with your thumb to relieve some of the spring tension, and then use a screwdriver to unscrew (ccw) the 'nut' on the windage knob 1 'click'. That will make it easier to turn both the elev and wind knobs.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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