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Outers Bi-pod

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I got a Outers Bi-pod for X-mas and I see I will have to add a swivel stud or something to my USGI stock to mount it. It looks like a good Bi-pod, much the same as a Harris. Anyway-How do I handle this stud deal. Ideas anyone?
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I did a little more research and it looks like outers is almost exactly like Harris and can use the same mounting stud as a Harris. I found a #5 stud mount kit on eBay for $10 but with shipping it will probubly be higher than if I just bought it locally. Toward the back pages of my search on eBay (Search words Bipod) I saw a few Outers for sale and they were not bided up too high yet. I am going to keep my eye on a short one being Mine is long. The idea of using the weep hole is the most pratical idea I have heard. I think thats the way I'll try it
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