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OT: Range Report

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Not M14s but .22 cal. Pistols and rifles.

Girl 8 year old, :D Boy 10 year old, :lol: Grandfather to damn old. 8)

Two .22 rifles, two .22 pistols, two bricks .22 amo. :lol:
Got home with half a brick. We shot reactive targets. broke clays, shot rocks. Had a good time :p .

Got home put two kids in shower, left grandmother in charge. :x
Locked myself in upstairs with my computer and some Glenlevits. :?
Nerves are begining to settle down. 8)

Kids were safe and had good range manners. I was a wreck.

Have Fun

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Aloha TomR:

OT or not, that is an excellent range report!!! Best to teach the young ones to love and understand firearms at a young age (IMHO)... I love taking new shooters to the range and to see their excitement in shooting... that is what makes shooting even more enjoyable for me...

Yep, it takes some work and 100% concentration (to make sure everything goes along safely) but well worth it.

Hats off to you!!! What a great "grandpa"!!! Keep up the good work... we all know that you secretly wanted to show the kids how good "grandpa" can still shoot! :lol: Just kidding...

Take Care... Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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