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Original issue M14 USGI sling

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What is the nomenclature for it? is it canvas? all ive ever used is the M1907, but im trying to reduce weight.
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The M1 Gun Sling was made of canvas web. Some canvas web slings have the same MRT marking as the M1907 sling as well as a month and year date stamp on the metal tip, such as 4 64. The last USGI canvas web slings were made about 1966. It was known as the M1 Gun Sling and weighed 0.3 pounds or about 5 ounces. Subsequent slings, known as Small Arms Sling, have a different National Stock Number and are made of nylon weave material. The hard nylon weave sling was introduced in 1969. The first soft nylon weave sling was produced for the U. S. Navy about 1973.
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Thanks Different. I just need one i can chuck on my back and go about my business. i dont really use the 1907 sling that much in the field- not enough to justify its weight. ounces make pounds.

This is an olive green color cotton web sling, first developed during WWII and with some slight modifications was the standard issue sling up through the 1960's. A nylon version was introduced about 1969 and the common complaint about the nylon version is that the locking lever that determined the length adjustment, which worked fine with cotton web, could not grasp the smoother nylon web and would seemingly always slip. The most recent cotton web M1 sling I have is dated 6/69.
I have a bunch (20+) of them I got through the CMP for $6.50, all MRT marked up to 1959. Most are May 1952.

They should be plentiful on ebay from resellers for about $15-20 shipped. Canvas web slings are fantastic.
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