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Order of DAG - really MEN95 came today

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i just received my order of a Battle Pack from Cheaperthandirt.com - I only order from them because I not very far. I would have to give a plus for shipping, ordered yesterday, and came today. It was stated to be DAG but came as MEN 95. The green battle pack looked as if it was wet in the past with white water marks. I was kinda worried, but after I opened it the ammo was all clean with two rounds having corrosion from the box. I was very pleased. I know it is hit and miss with all of these German DAG & MEN selling at different outlets. I just wanted to share this if anyone else wanted some new ammo. Cheers.
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I had some trouble with my MEN94 last Tuesday. Had some rounds that would not eject. Headed for range again this Tuesday to check out some more. I'll have a report after shooting Tuesday. I'm the only one on this forum that I know off that has had troubles with the German surplus ammo (other than corrosion) so hopefully yours will shoot straight and with no problems!
I have never had German 7,62 ammo before. I would like to get some Brit GR. For some reason my M1a NM loves the Lithuanian and South African surplus. I wish the Lithuanian battle pack would come back to distributors. Sadly, I don't think it would happen.
I would love a range report whenever you have one on your MEN. I have 200 rds. of MEN95.
When I finally get to use it, I will use only my CMI 20 rd. mags. I hope I do not have much trouble. This ammo looks very clean. Hope it shoots the same way!
Research, the only good game in town anymore......

We will all be sitting here till you come on back with a range report on the new MEN'95 military surplus ammunition bevobaseball44. DI5
I will post as soon as possible XXIV! You have been a help to me in the past finding 7,5 French ammo. I finally found a lot fo PRVI 7,5 and bought 200 rounds. Great ammo through my Dad's 36 and my 49/56.
Not much of a report, But of the 20 rounds I have shot of the MEN I can say I am very pleased with its performance.
They went right where I was aiming. 300 yards away.
I've heard of people shooting 92/93/94 DAG or MEN, but this is the first I've heard of 95 being out there. Can't wait to hear more results.
I assume it is MEN95. That is what the case stamping and boxes have printed.
I assume it is MEN95. That is what the case stamping and boxes have printed.
No reason to believe otherwise. Just the first I've heard of it. All of the DAG/MEN I've shot or seen shot has been good stuff. GI1
This is my first time using any German ammo in my M1a. I have used some surplus mauser ammo, but I think that was Eastern bloc stuff. I am surprised that some people have problems with German ammo. I figured they would make high quality munitions. They take pride in having the best equipment. Always have in the past.
I got some DAG 94 from Ammoman back in early spring. The ammo has some light surface corrosion from the kraft acidic paperboard. The ammo shoots fine with no stovepipes, hangers, or any kind of issue. The powder does burn a little hot; a ten shot rapid fire leaves the barrel a little more then warm.

The ammo shot respectable up to 200 yards on a SR target but starts to open up at 300 yards on a SR-3 target. Not too bad for plinker ammo but still nothing like that Australian defense Ammo that was out about 5 years ago. That stuff was great!
Best group yet with German MEN 94
Completely bone stock standard M1A, usgi TRW parts
100yds ,scope, off bench
1 5/8 " Group, 10 rds

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Nice shooting Orlando. Can't wait to try this ammo out.
I shot this stuff last week, Socom 16, stock.
100 yards, warm day, slight breeze.

Here is how it shot, off a bench... 4in bullseye
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I ordered DAG from Sportsmans Guide and it came today. It's MEN93. I opened one box to check for corrosion and it's clean. I'm going to shoot a box tomorrow and see how it does...
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