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Optics & mounting location for Scout

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I wanted to see what most people were running optics-wise on their Scout rifles. I just picked up my rifle last Friday and wanted to mount some form of optics. I'm not sure which way to go and wanted to collect some opinions from guys who actually had optics on their rifles.

1. Magnified, "scout" scope forward mounted of receiver
2. Electronic dot sight forward mounted
3. Magnified scope mounted on receiver
4. Electronic dot sight mounted on receiver
5. Some other set-up

As far as what I plan to use my rifle for, I figure some shots within 50 yards as well as shots out to 200 yards might be called for. Mostly just paper & other targets, but I would like the option to be able to use it hunting for mule deer & elk in the timber (gotta love that quick follow-up shot!).