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Optics for Socom in Sage EBR?

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Good afternoon!

I am now the owner of a Socom II which is being mounted in a Sage EBR today... I purchased this rifle for the purpose of hog hunting, which I plan to do for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have an Eotech EXPS2-0 on one of my ARs, and thought I'd start out using that on the Socom. I figure it should be good enough for shooting some pigs, but will want to find a nice optic specifically for this rifle. I figure to be shooting mostly in the 100-300yd range, and was contemplating the Eotech G23 3x magnifier... Has anyone mounted this setup on an M1A in a Sage EBR? I know I'll need to get the Sage cantilever sight base, but, having no experience with the magnifier, have no idea if it will all fit on the sight base... I like the idea of being able to switch to close quarters sights fairly quickly, and am looking at 1-4 scopes as well... I figure an Eotech setup with magnifier would be around $850 total, so let's call that the upper limit of what I'd want to spend right now. Any and all suggestions and opinions would be appreciated! Thanks so much guys!
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There have been a couple people that monted the magnifier on the stripper clip rail, and an Eotech or Aimpoint on the EBR top rail, no DCSB required. It does take some small modification of the magnifier mount to make work though. Somebody will post pictures of the Aussie SAS guy with it, and Ironman will probably show his setup off too.
If you want new, check out the Vortex PST 1-4, SWFA SS 1-4, or Trijicon TR-series 1-4 or 1.25-4.

If used is ok and you're patient, you will find a USO SN4 1-4 or NF NXS 1-4.

Red dots are light and certainly faster because there's no eye relief or parallax considerations. It a personal preference between the two.

If you see yourself offhand shooting <100 yards mostly, I'd go for the reflex. If you see yourself pushing 100+ more, I'd go for the 1-4x.
With a little skill shooting to 300 is no issue with an Eotech.
Highly debatable but worth considering -- if a reflex over a 1-4x is the path, would most people actually prefer to pull the dot off and iron sight it out to 300? I know I would.
Ok. After looking around, I think I just need to get more guns! Gonna start out using my Eotech... I don't like the way it looks, which is enough to discourage me from getting a magnifier, but for the time being, it works just fine for under 200 yds. Thinking I'll get a 1-4 scope next, then a Scout in EBR for a longer range rifle. Thanks guys!
As predicted by my friend lurker01
Lets kill two birds with one post.
First is the Aussie with the magnifier and EOTech.
Second is my setup, any questions fire away

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