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Some years ago, when I was on a reserve service in the 1.DEU/NLD Corps, I got an invitation from a M14 forum member LTC to his retirement ceremony in Detroit. My Chief of Staff, a Dutch Brigadier offered me to travel on a NATO travel order, but on own costs. So I booked Hamburg - London - Charlotte - Nashville - Detroit, to safe some money. What an adventure travelling in uniform. It starts in the United Airlines bird when the stewardess asked for my jacket to hang it in her private locker. TSA at Charlotte: Thank you for your service, follow me to the priority lane. Bording: Service personell in uniform and Platin Card holders first.
Where ever I went: Thank you for your service. I never encountered such kindness and respect, its totally unusual over here.
From that on I did it myself over here. The baffled faces are priceless.
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