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Old Sailing ships experts: Can you ID this ship?

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Taken by my dad in the 1930s.
He was not the kind of guy just to snap pictures to snap pictures, so I figure it must be some notable ship.
Do you have any idea what ship this might be?
Thanks for the help!
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My first thought was the Eagle, but I've seen her with square rigging on the mid and aft masts (sorry for any misnamed items).
Maybe this site might be a help: EAGLE - Tall Ships America
Starting you with the Eagle (of course, her aft mast is rigged differently than I remember), but you should be able to root around in the ship's directory and find a reasonable candidate.

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I posted this pic on other forums and got some real interesting opinions which I'm posting here . . . someone may be interested.
Several guys think my pic is an exact copy of other pics found online. Here's just a couple of responses I'm inclined to agree with.

Response: "Same pic. Even the buoy ahead of the bow is the same. The people on deck are the same. Sails are identically deployed. The angle of the sails are identical. Count the portholes and compare positions. Look at the waterline of the hull where the whitewater is identical. Flag is same. Droop of the rigging is the same."

Another response: "What if it was some significant event and the reporter and his father were on the same dock taking a picture of that ship at its mooring at about the same time?"

My reply: "I'm beginning to think he (my Dad) might have gotten this picture as you say, at "some significant event."

My dad was not the average sailor who hit the bars and chased the whores. He'd much rather read, research, explore, etc. That is how he came to eventually command his own ships. In addition, the entire time he was in the navy his records show an excellent 4.0 grade every year.

So, yes, knowing him, I'm now thinking his ship may have been in port when the Mystery Ship was in port, he attended some event and that's where the posted pic came from.

Does this sound logical, given what we now know about the pic I posted?"
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