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Old Corps Weaponry

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Anyone heard of Roland Beaver of Old Corps Weaponry and have had any experience with him? He's a former Marine Corps match armorer and he services M14/M1A's.
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Yes, he lives about an hour away from me in Arkansas (Bald Knob). I have one of his USMC MATCH rifles that is the pinnacle of what can be done with a Garand. He turns his own barrels and carves his own stocks. Mine has a beautiful laminated match stock, bedded of course top and bottom. Obermeyer heavy match 5R barrel that is cryogenically stress relieved. All that info is scroll engraved on the barrel chamber. On the barrel just before the front sight he also scroll engraves USMC MATCH and Old Corp Weaponry. Trigger, like the rest of the rifle is perfection. He claims he has only made about 100 of these rifles in his lifetime. He does lots of other work of course, starting around $1300 or so for a warmed over SG Garand. He has 2+yrs backlog currently and is raising prices big time to slow the flow. Plus, the fact is he is cheap by todays standards. A factory SA supermatch is $2500. The rifle I have, his best, is only just over $2k currently. I would guess he is likely to go to over $3000 for this level in the future. We had a long talk a few weeks ago, and he is very pleasant as well as knowledgeable guy, but very busy. I think we talked through his lunch break. He is a one man band and has an ingenious system for maximizing his productivity. It's a form of batching, that may delay some individual work till later, but ultimately it allows him to produce more rifles overall. I'm trying to convince him to write a book on Garand and M1A gunsmithing to ensure a legacy of knowledge. The stuff that he talks about offhand in terms of little tweaks and tricks for performance is amazing. He is in his later years so If you speak to him try to encourage the book....it would be a shame to lose that level of knowledge on these fine weapons.
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Excellent review. Thanks! I have done business with Roland recently and just curious about his gunsmith work. I figure somebody here has got to had one of his fine works.

Would you mind emailing me some pics of your garand or m1a that he's worked on? I offer to posted his services on the forum but the only concern he had was that he is too busy to answer emails regularly.
I had Roland build me a shorty garand, 308, with scout style scope, and special laminated stock.
That rifle will out shoot me by far. If I had the money I would not hesitate to buy another or have him do another rifle for me. If I were competent enough with computers I would post a pic. It is just a fantastic looking rifle.

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