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OK OK don't beat on me!!!! I had to do it. UPDATE

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Both my M1A's are out of service for awhile,I'm still scrambling to locate
repair parts...sooooo... I had to reach into the back of my safe and
pull out the black plastic rifle. This is a Pre-ban Eagle Arms "Golden Eagle"
I am told that not a bunch of these where built, the barrel is
a 1-8" twist SS Heavy Douglas,with a NM two stage trigger
and NM hooded rear sight, the sling is a Turner. Spare upper
is a 16" HB 1-7" twist. I've won a number of matches with
this mouse rifle but, only on the reduced course.

M1A's back in service, Eagle goes back in the safe...ahhhhh
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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