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Oh No ~ usmc

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Oh No !

even by the moonlight they could be seen
here they come in cammy greens
moving along the shadow walls
marching fast across that desert sand
standing tall along that American wall
always ready to answer when their country calls

Oh No !

they can't be seen
their faces are now painted green
lean & mean made them thee immortal Marines
always ready to keep their honor clean

Oh No !

there they go
off in the moonlight always ready to fight
standing tall looking sharp, sometimes breaking hearts
so I'd like to say thanks
no matter what rank
holding that line night & day
holding the line nice & tight, so what can I say
your doing a job I can only wish & dream
each and every single day

Oh No !

Semper Fi into the night
no matter where the fight might be
they could not be seen standing lean & mean
dressed in their cammy greens
on my god it's the U.S. MARINES