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Hi guys,

If I could remember to check my yahoo mail account, I'd been here sooner.

Recently purchased an SA M1A loaded 9822 with SS barrel.
First chance to shoot only came this past Sunday.
Went to a different range than my normal shooting place so there were
just bare benches and ended up using a bedroll as a rest.
Fairly windy day so conditions were not great.
Initially shots were going way right, but several clicks later on the windage
knob brought impact to center of target, but I kept about 2" low.
My buddy asked to shoot it and hit dead bang center on his third shot!.

Since this my first aperture sight, I'd like to ask you all to describe best method of sight picture. Do you 'lollipop' the bull at the top of the front blade or do you obscure it with the blade?. My buddy said he does the latter; try as I might, I couldn't raise the point of impact. I didn't change the elevation knob seeing as how my buddy hit a perfect bull. Is it me or my 52 yr old eyes?

Oh yeah, this was at 100 yards using (don't laugh) PMC 147 grain FMJ, hey
got a great deal at $8/box (case purchase). Tried same ammo in my bolt
.308 (Howa 1500 on a Boyds stock) and was getting 1" groups.

Also, would like input as to cleaning and maintenance of this sweet rifle.
SA owner's manual warns against frequent teardown; is bore, breech and
gas mechanism usually sufficient?. What tools do you recommend as 'must have' ?. The walnut stock is well grained, but very dry looking, I hear I should use tung oil or 'True' oil. know I can get the first at the hardware store but what about the other. CLP, Hoppes, Veets?

Guess that's enough questions for now, don't want to get you bored or p*ssed at me (yet another newbie) :roll: . Hope I didn't violate any protocol by jumping in with this post.

Look forward to your replies.

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Protocol??? Where??? :wink: Yo done fine for a FNG :lol: :lol:
Welcome and any question that you don't know the answer to is not considered a stupid question. :!: Tung oil is the correct finish for a USGI M-14 stock. Some also use true oil which has a shelac base and is kind of semi glossy. If you decide to use the latter, you can dull it with 0000 steel wool. Cleaning: I would only clean the chamber, bore, and bolt face on a regular basis. As far as the gas system goes I would check the movement by turning the rifle barrel down and watch the piston slide out. if it comes out smoothly, it really doesn't need cleaning. I believe once a year for the average shooter would probably be enough. Tools: Flash sup. pliers (USGI) Dewey bore rod, bore guide, set of allen wrenches, gas allignment tool and wrench are good for a start. Later you'll want to get a bolt tool.

I use what's called the Navy hold. Top of front site in center mass of target. No matter how hard I have tried in the past, I have not been able to shoot with the lollipop or 6 O'clock hold. HTH

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Aloha Antne:

Glad to have you aboard. I like that rifle that you bought! I like them so much, I bought two. Out of the box, these "loaded" rifles are good shooters. :lol:

As for your sights, I would zero to your eyes, whether using a six o'clock hold or center (of mass) hold, which ever YOU feel comfortable with. You might want to set the mechanical zero first (on a good calm day). And then adjust your zero as needed. 8O

Shoot groups to validate consistency. Single shots may be affected by "luck" factor.

Have fun with your new shooter! Also try different ammo. My loaded rifles like mil. surp. Port ammo as well as good match stuff. You'll also see how the ammo affects POI.

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

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Thanks for your warm words of welcome. Not much time to type right
now. Hope to get to my regular range by week's end and have some updates as to sight-in and more questions, no doubt. :)

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Welcome, 57 year old guy here. I used to center the front sight on the target, but find it is much better from me to use the 6 o'clock hold as noted above.
Keep shooting, it is NOT an addiction.....I can quit..... :D

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Welcome aboard from Jack Orr. A lot of great folks here that will shoot ya strait. If you read a lot of the older posts there is a wealth of info there. I would buy plenty of surplus ball for starters and aquire parts and accessories as time and money permits. Try both the six o clock and battle zero sight picture and see what hold keeps the most in the black. I hear that PMC stuff aint to bad but you can get the Aussie stuff much cheaper & your rifle may love the stuff. Most M14 type rifles shoot it fairly accurate.
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