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Moderators, please move this to the best location for the most visibility as necessary. I will be updating it as things change.

For the latest information please go to https://www.vcdl.org/

Also this document is generally kept up to date:

The rally facebook page is here:

Sign up for alerts from the VCDL here:


Calling all pro-gun, second amendment supporters. The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution movement has only begun in Virginia but we have huge momentum. Now we must show up in large numbers in Richmond on January 20, 2020 to speak to our lawmakers about these draconian gun laws. Please attend, we need large numbers, if you cannot attend please see what else you can do to help! Spread the word!

Side note, this is not a protest, this is a rally and a chance to speak directly in person to your delegates and state senators. This day has a lot of significance and is our best chance to change minds and votes. The media will be there filming. PLEASE do not show up in tactical uniforms or open carrying rifles. Also, while I personally do not begrudge anyone with a Confederate flag, this day is NOT the day to show up with one. We do not need the media to have photos to match their incorrect talking points and characterizations. Thank you!

Isn’t Martin Luther King Day a Holiday?
Yes, it is a Federal Holiday but the Virginia General Assembly is in session and working.

I can't come to VCDL Lobby Day, how else can I help?
• Subscribe to the free VA-ALERT email and take action expeditiously any time we ask.
• Donate and encourage others to donate and join us.
• Take off work NOW for MLK day in 2021 so you don't have any excuse not to attend
• Make sure you vote on local and national elections

Do you have to be a VCDL member to come to VCDL Lobby Day?
No! We invite everyone to join us that believes in the fight for our Second Amendment rights! Family and friends are welcome too!

Can we carry?
We don’t tell you to carry or not, If you do, please do so legally and responsibly. If you do decide to carry your holstered handgun either open or concealed, you do need your permit to carry inside the general assembly building.

Is there a special entrance to those carrying with a CHP?
No. There used to be at the main GAB building, but in the temporary building there was not last year. If they add it this year, No backpacks or other bags allowed at this entrance as they don’t use walk-through magnetometers. Just wands. Show your ID, permit and point out (don’t touch) where on your body you are carrying.

What should I wear? Some wear suits and dress for a business meeting (that’s what it is) some wear business casual. Check the weather, The RALLY is outside. The lobbying is inside. With large crowds expected, there is a chance that you might not even be able to get into the building to Lobby your lawmakers, so you should be prepared to spend the duration of your visit outside in the elements. Please check the weather before coming and plan accordingly.

Are there carpools? Yep! Check out http://tiny.cc/vcdlride

How do I know which lawmakers represent me?
Check this website: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/

Where is the General Assembly Building? The Pocahontas Building at 900 East Main Street, Richmond, VA, 23219, is the temporary home for legislative members and staff while the former General Assembly Building is being remodeled. Constituents meet with their Delegate or Senator in the Pocahontas Building at these members' offices.

I have never been to lobby day. What do I do? Show up at 8 AM (bring family & friends) and gather outside of the building where lobbying teams will be formed and enter the building with a team leader to guide you. It will be helpful for you to know who your lawmakers are. Watch for the sea of orange Guns Save Lives stickers. Here is a video from a lobby day years ago - https://vimeo.com/34618841

I have been to lobby day and would like to be a team leader this year. Who do I contact? Contact Ken at [email protected]

What legislation are we looking at? Take a look at the VCDL legislation Tracker to see what we support, what we are neutral on and what we oppose. THIS tracker is the 2019 tracker and will be updated soon: http://www2.vcdl.org/webapps/vcdl/2019leg.html

When do any new laws take effect?
Generally, the new laws take effect on July 1, 2020.

Is there food? There are a number of delis and restaurants within walking distance and sometimes food trucks show up

Parking - Meters are not enforced on lobby day. There are garages and some private lots around. Google or a parking app is your best bet to shop location and price.



I’m from the press, who can I speak to that represents VCDL and their position? Only the VCDL President, Philip Van Cleave speaks for the organization. [email protected] (Mr. Van Cleave can designate speakers at his discretion)

Who will be speaking at lobby day in front of the steps during the rally? We will present the list as the day approaches. So far we have:

• Dick Heller from the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of DC v. Heller

• Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms and host of the Cam & Co YouTube channel

• Jeff Katz, talkshow host on Richmond's powerhouse radio station WRVA

Where can I Buy some VCDL gear?

How do I get on the free VCDL VA-ALERT email list?

I have extra money and would like to donate to the VCDL and the VCDL-PAC (Political Action Committee) Can I? Sure! https://vcdl.org/donate

Am I a VCDL member? If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter or even the VA-ALERT email, that is great! You need to actually JOIN (and pay your $25 membership fee) to be a member. You can also give the gift of membership - https://vcdl.org/join-VCDL

After Lobby Day, Then what?
Stay engaged. Go to the committee meetings and speak to the committees and tell them no more gun control in your own words. Follow along on our free email list, the VA-ALERT. As soon as you see an action item come out, immediately respond do whatever is asked.

Are there going to be buses? Yes.

VCDL is chartering buses to Lobby Day on January 20. All seats are $35. All depart Richmond at 2 PM. Sign up through Eventbrite; all signups go live on Thursday morning at 6AM.

A donation of $35/person will *just* cover costs for the nine buses. If you want to donate more, please do. If you want to buy seats for others, please do. If you prefer to make a donation via PayPal (see vcdl.org/donate/pp) you may do so, but you will still need your Eventbrite ticket to ride the bus..

To donate a seat for another rider, use this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/donate-a-seat-on-a-bus-for-lobby-day-jan-20-2020-tickets-85874911171

If you want to pay by check, mail it to VCDL Treasurer, 19390 Beaver Dam Rd, Beaverdam, VA 23015-1350 - but you'll still need your Eventbrite ticket to ride the bus.

Direct questions, if any, to [email protected]

Buses will run from

- Roanoke - Roanoke Park and Ride - Route 1150 (Edgebrook Road) & Route 1128 (Mountain Heights Drive)
Departs 4:30 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85445575015

- Shenandoah Valley with pickups in New Market, Woodstock, and Harrisonburg
Departs Woodstock WalMart at 3:30 AM
Departs New Market Library at 4:00 AM (Stay tuned; new location likely)
Departs Harrisonburg WalMart at 4:30 AM

Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85421476937

- Fairfax (2 buses)
- From Fairfax County Government Center Park & Ride

12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax
Departs 5:30 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85363417279

- Fredericksburg
Leaves Route 17 Commuter Lot
Departs 6:30 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85418917281

- Virginia Beach (2 buses)
Leaves Indian River Road Park & Ride 977 Reon Dr, Virginia Beach
Departs 5 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85429234139

- Norfolk

Leaves from WalMart 7530 Tidewater Drive
Departs 5:15 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM

Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85425462859

- Hampton.

- From Hampton Coliseum, 1000 Coliseum Drive
Departs 5:30 AM Leaves Richmond at 2 PM
Signup: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/85392538381


CULPEPER/WARRENTON: Hosted by Rivenoak Armoury LLC. Details at https://www.facebook.com/events/444206749612034/ or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/vcdl-lobby-day-bus-ride-culpeperwarrenton-area-tickets-85780897975

DRAPER (Pulaski County): New River Sports is chartering a bus that leaves from their location, 3376 Kirby Rd (Frontage Rd) Draper, VA at 3:30 AM. Cost is $50/rider. Contact [email protected] or 540-980-1133.

MANASSAS: Fairfax County Rod and Gun Club is planning two buses from Manassas. Details as we learn them.

SOUTHAMPTON: Bus from Southampton County leaves from Hardee's on Highway 58, Courtland. Seats are $21/person. Leaves 6AM sharp; returns to Courtland about 4PM. Seats are limited and must be paid in full as soon as possible. If interested in going or have questions, contact Mike Evans at 757-615-8077. The bus will drop off and pick up directly at the Capitol Steps.

STAUNTON: The plan is to leave Staunton (location TBD) at 6:00 a.m., and be back home about 5:00 p.m.
Cost will be $25/seat, and payment to me will be due by January, 10. Anyone wishing to be on board, can contact me at [email protected] for more information. Please put LOBBY DAY BUS in the subject line. Depending on the response I get, it may take me a couple days to get back to everyone, so be patient.

SHENANDOAH COUNTY: Shenandoah County GOP has two buses coming. They leave from Woodstock at 6:30 AM and will not arrive in time for an 0800 start. They plan to be in Richmond by 0900 and their people will be meeting with Delegate Todd Gilbert. POC is Dianne Wyss, email [email protected].

SW VIRGINIA: Stephanie Miller Moir has charted four buses from Bedford - Tractor Supply 5:00 am; Lynchburg - Sam's Club 5:30 am; Appomattox - Farmers Bank 6:00 am; Farmville - Walmart 6:30. Sign up for that bus at https://tinyurl.com/s8nc2b2. Fare is $35 plus an online booking fee per seat.

WEYERS CAVE - We've heard of a potential bus from Weyers Cave; we'll update as we know more.

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On arfcom I've seen members (of arfcom) from Florida, North Caroline, New York, West Virginia, South Caroline and I think Pennsylvania post that they are coming either by themselves or with buddies.

If I've missed some states, I apologize.

The feel/belief is that VA is the test for the dims/libs/progs/socialist gun control efforts/roadmap and if successful in VA this winter/spring similar efforts will be paid for by the George Soros/Michael Bloomberg tyrant types and be started in other states later next year.

They're not trying to boil the frog this time. They trying to toss the wildcat into the pot of boiling water - if they can get their hand on it without getting tore up first. I don't think their gloves are thick enough or their arms long enough. Hopefully they'll go back home with some hellacious scars by midsummer.

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I, too have seen this on ARFCOM. I'm not a member but lurk, funny memes mostly, lol.

Alot of those guys are gearing up, one talking about bringing (lugging) around a Carl Gustov!!!

Full "battle rattle", gear, rifles, etc.. Heck, one heated discussion is whether they should have flags in their chambers or just mags loaded/empty chambers. They seem a bit nuts to me, lol.

Many think that since the elections are already done, time for talk and nice dress is either over/almost over. Now it's a true show of force, so to speak.

I'd love to go, but had knee surgery on 12/11 (Replaced ACL, 2 other torn ligaments and meniscus cleaning at the ripe age of 38, mid life crisis blues).

I'd rather rest it out and heal, just in case.

Next paycheck I'm going to join VCDL.

Are some of you guys gonna go full "battle rattle"?

Also, from what I've read over there, I think 20 rds is the state limit now? I could be mistaken, though. Just make sure you know local laws obviously.

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Oh, and anybody know why this hasnt picked up steam with any Right leaning sources? Or even Left leaning? Seems we're the only ones talking about it. What gives? Glenn Beck mentioned it for a bit, and that was about it, cant recall Rush or Tucker or anyone else.... ?

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Also, from what I've read over there, I think 20 rds is the state limit now? I could be mistaken, though. Just make sure you know local laws obviously.
20 was limit for concealed firearms. Open carry there isn't one as far as I know.

Just have to watch out for whether or not you cross on certain .gov property that fall into gun free zone bs. ROOL1

Can Edwards seems like a pretty cool dude. Would enjoy seeing him speak. Wasn't aware anything was lined up speaker wise yet.

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Oh, and anybody know why this hasnt picked up steam with any Right leaning sources? Or even Left leaning? Seems we're the only ones talking about it. What gives? Glenn Beck mentioned it for a bit, and that was about it, cant recall Rush or Tucker or anyone else.... ?
It is a good question - I am wondering the same thing. One would think this will be all over the news esp Fox. People in VA are being threatened about to be stomped by its govt. and not one peep from anyone outside of us here.

Are we being setup for the loudest supporters of 2A so they can find all our IP addresses and come get our property? by SWAT? or Natl Guard? Law Enf?

You wonder...if we are gonna be the sheeps.

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Lol, who knows, they're all covering the impeachment thing, it's annoying. Is it important? Yeah. But we've known exactly how it would turn out so far, and been told how it would turn out once it goes to the Senate. So why cover it so dang much!!

Especially compared to something that seems to have backlash, ups/downs, retorts, threats, etc. Maybe because it's in the future, or maybe it's too hot to talk about now, I'm sure well hear more when the time comes.
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