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Official Firearm of the State of Utah

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I have been telling folks about this the past few years and often I get real skeptical looks. It is real folks. We are a gun state and always will be a gun state. The core of our history is built upon protecting freedom.

Here is some more proof:


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Texas was considering making a cannon the offical State gun.

The cannon was considered because of the "Come and Take It" challenge issued to the Mexican Army during the Texas Revolution.

The 1847 Colt Walker was being considered the State handgun for its use during the Mexican American war.

The Bowie knife was being considered for the State knife, y'all should know this one.......Jim Bowie of the fall of the Alamo fame.

Don't know if any of the resolutions ever made it into law.

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List that Wiki has?

Table of state firearms
State Firearm Image Date of adoption
Alaska Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 July 2014
Arizona Colt Single Action Army revolver April 2011
Indiana Grouseland Rifle March 2012
Kentucky Kentucky Long Rifle June 25, 2013
Pennsylvania Long rifle June 26, 2014
Tennessee Barrett M82 February 24, 2016
Utah M1911 pistol March 2011
West Virginia Hall rifle April 2013

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Arkansas just adopted the Bowie Knife as the official state knife.
A proposal is in the works to adopt the Shotgun as the official state gun.

We are a gun friendly state with our State House 76% Republican and State Senate 75% Republican.
Our Governor (R) was part of the NRA school shield program for improving safety after Sandy Hook
The State recently cut the CCL license fee's by 50%
Arkansas was ranked #2 on #guns/population....however this was calculated??
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