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Offering a Helping Hand...

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Yesterday, I was able to slip out and get to the range... this was especially important for me to do this...

I had made arrangements for a fellow shooter (new to M1A's) to meet me there and he wanted some help on getting started with his new M1A... :lol: Well, of course, since I was the person partly responsible for him getting an M1A, I thought it was the right thing to do... :lol:

Well, we met and I ran him through the basic operations of the M1A, some do's and don'ts and got him started... amazingly, for never shooting an M1A before, he was putting many of his shots in the black at 100 yds. He was stoked, but so was I... very jazzed.

To make a long story short, Joe has really taken to his new M1A which is a SA Loaded NIB, with the black krinkle synthetic stock. He will swap out for a WhamoCamo as I did down the road... :lol:

I didn't mind his many questions and I encouraged him to ask. He has shot rifles before but not extensively which helped me help him... He also brought a Rem Sendero in .308 to test as well. And both rifles performed flawlessly...

It makes me feel good to encourage a fellow shooter but makes me feel even better that he is doing it with a battlerifle!!! :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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Hey Six:

The Sendero was awesome! Oops, I think we should be in another section, but what the heck... Hawk can move us later... Hehehe.

The Sendero was hard chromed (or what looked like hard chrome), fluted barrel with a textured "veined" synthetic stock that had a awesome pistol grip to it... This, of course, shot like a dream... In four shots, I got it sighted in and on the X... and when I say on the X it took out the exact center of the X so it looked like four little white lines in each corner... of the X... it was acccurate!!! The finish and stock texture would take one of your Whamo designs really nicely...

I did have fun setting this up for Joe...


Tom O.
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