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Is anyone attending the "Oaks Extravaganza" this weekend (March 24-26)? They're billing it as the largest gun show on the east coast.

It's beginning to feel like there is a gun show in Oaks every other weekend.

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It's quite a show last fall I went , well worth the 6 hour drive
I don't think you can browse all the tables in 1 day
You can see 100 ARs in any direction you look
My highlights were talking to Jeff from Bula and seeing Uncle Bill Ricca again
Neither frequent the Monroeville gun show , I mean flea market

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Probably heading over later today , or Sunday morn. Word from Fri. nite is not favorable. More and more non-gun related froo-froo , and 500 tables of the same things.

I usually like to walk thru the whole show first and find the best prices , but nobody puts the prices on stuff anymore. Ya gotta ask the seller IF they're at their table , IF they're awake , IF they're paying attention and not texting , IF they're not talking to another dealer with they're back to you , IF , , , ,

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Well i found about 5 tables having some M14 mags for sale. I'm digging through them and they all have a ;; w ;; on them with 4 little dimples on the front; the dealers keep telling me they are GI. I say No way.

Came to SARCO and they have a box with all RUSTED OUT M14 mags. Dig through them find one KMT. the guy wants $25.00 , The kid is telling me they are original's I say nope. we keep going back and forth and he say's they are Chinese . I ask him if he had a towel so I could clean my hands, He walked away from me.

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Got some ammo.

1 case of .308 FGMM, $200.00, That's the CMP price, without the wife saying, "what did you order now?"

Couple boxes of FGMM 30/06.

Saw some USGI M14 synthetic stocks for $20, but they were pretty thrashed.

One vendor had several rifles on my list.
What he claimed were real deal BM62 (had a Beretta receiver), and BM59 (Springfield receiver), and several nice trench guns. I only needed 12k.......

Nice old lever guns in the antique room.

Hoping to learn more and handle more FAL's, there were about 5 in the whole place.

Oh, and several JRA BM59's scattered about, all asking in the $1450.00 range.
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