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I have 8 - 20rd mags for my Springfield, most of which are as new. The three that I take to the range for shooting are also in great shape. I learned while in the Corps. Clean your mags inside and out. Everyone thinks to clean their rifle, but if your mags get really dirty they may fail to work properly. I also have 8 - 20rd mags for my AR. plus a few 30 rounders. The M-16 mags especially need to be cleaned often as they are made of aluminum. If you store magazines I find it best to put a light coating of oil on them and then wrap them in newspaper. I've had mags like that sit for years and open them up and they are perfect.

My figuring is to have 8 - 10 mags per weapon. That should suffice. The idea is to gather more weapons :roll:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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