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NRA Approved 80 next up in MKG 10/10/21

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Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club NRA 80 Round Regional Tournament

DATE: October 10th, 2021

SPONSOR: Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club

LOCATION: MPRC Outdoor Range, 5700 Crystal Lake RD., Holton, MI. Map available at our website: www.muskegonprc.org.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to Public. DO NOT have to be a member of the NRA, or the Club to compete.

ENTRY FEE: $20.00 per Competitor.

REGISTRATION: Held on the day of the Tournament from 9:00am-9:45am


RANGE CAPACITY: Up to 6 Relays, 6 Firing Points

COURSE OF FIRE: The 80 Round Regional Course per NRA Rules:
∙20 Shots/20 min. Standing/Slow fire. Target SR
∙10 Shots/60 sec. Sitting or Kneeling/Rapid fire shot TWICE. Target SR
∙10 Shots/70 sec. Prone/Rapid fire shot TWICE. Target SR-3
∙20 Shots/20 MIN. Prone/Slow fire. Target MR-63

Scoring is done with the Shot Marker Electronic target scoring system. No pit
Duty is required. Please bring a WiFi enabled smart phone or
tablet if able.

CLASSIFICATION: Current NRA HP Rifle Classification

SIGHTING SHOTS: Two (2) Rounds Prior to each Stage

RIFLES ALLOWED: Service Rifle or Match Rifle per NRA Rules.


RULES: NRA High Power Rifle rules apply.

ADDITIONAL: Food and water are not available at the club, please bring your own. The club has LIMITED supplies of 30/06 available for purchase and a few loaner Garand’s available. Please call ahead to reserve.

MATCH DIRECTOR: Art Curow (616)780-3203 or [email protected]
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