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Now THAT's what I call a "Mini 14"!

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I recently became the proud owner of a Springfield SOCOM and it has been dubbed a "Mini 14". Did I need it? No - it just looked like too much fun not to own one and I was right on the call. I know you pros alway benchrest a rifle and spend hours properly sighting one in - however, in this case, I would have to get serious to do much more than just enjoy shooting it. Bowling pins at 200 yards were no problem at all. The only problem I've had is that everyone who sees it, wants to shoot it. So far, all the shooters are impressed with the ease of shooting, lack of recoil and a great fun factor. There was no problems feeding anything that fit in the magazines and the trigger was very good right out of the box. Yes, I like it.
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I love mine to but it shoots ten inchs high at a hundred. S.A. is going to send me a new front XS sight
I got my SOCOM back in April. The first one I got also shot 10 inches high at 100. I sent it back to SA and they sent me a whole new rifle. They could not tell me what was wrong, just sent the new rifle.

I love the one I have now. sub 2 inch groups, light recoil, easy in and out of the patrol car. I have no complaints.

You really did not think........

Montana Marine, you really did not think that we would not notice that magazine, did you? Thirty rounder? That's a good looking rig....I have one exactly like it, but different.
Though not as small, I really like my Scout. I want to get a Sage stock for it. I think it will look great with some more "evil" features added.

I just got through putting a laminated stock and a Smith muzzle brake on my scout and it looks great. They are great guns.
The 30-rounder is just for looks. It's a junker magazine. Actually, it works fine if I only load it with one round! :D
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