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Now thats a flag...

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The article has the Dallas mayor (Democrat) wondering how are the police to determine who is doing the shooting if others in the parade were exercising their Texas right to open carry?

I was watching a show about the U.S. Navy EOD guys who were removing roadside bombs (IED's) in Afghanistan.

One of the new guys in country asked a similar question. "How do we know if the guy in the man robe, carrying an AK47, is a friendly?"

His team leader replied, "The guy in the man robe, carrying the AK47, is a friendly if he is not shooting at you".

Common sense if you ask me.

Why in the world were the Navy guys clearing roadways in Afghanistan?

Hats off to them for taking on that job.

That flag is pretty neat, just now I have to find one. Made the mistake of showing it to the wife.
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