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I have had the same problems with my SAI too with the ARMS #18 mount. Ran out of adjustment windage wise and almost on the elevation. 1st sighted in at 25 and then 100 was worse. Thought it was the scope but that works fine on the flattop AR. I followed the directions for the mount. Remounted and made sure ebverything was tight. Also used a Sadflak mounting bolt after I shortened it. Didn't make much of a difference.
My rifle was sent back to replace the bolt and they ended up replacing the std NM weight barrel to med weightNM bbl. Could be that when they put on the barrel that it may be off just a bit to one side. I don't remember having the problem with my old barrel when I had a SEI mount. I'll try one more time.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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