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Not happy w/ Fulton FH

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I'm not slamming anyone, just giving info on a product I recently purchased. I just received my M14 NM reamed flash hider and stripper clip guide and GI sling from Fulton Armory a couple days ago. I ordered a NM reamed flash hider from them awhile back and it was perfect, nice smooth finish and clean crips vents, deep blue finish. So I decided to buy another for my new M1A loaded and sell the SA neutered one. Well I got the flash hider and I'm not pleased. The finish is a Norinco light grey and the casting marks are terrible, the ports are jagged and chipped looking on the inside. The clip guide was better but it too has milling marks unlike my Sprinfgield one. I'll be calling Fulton in the morning and see if I can get a refund. I held it up to my M1A and couldn't go it. A 1600.00 rifle deserves better than this, so I placed the the SA one back on. The finish and quality is perfect, just doesn't have a lug. How is Fulton on their return policy?

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Send it back and give Lou at LRB a call I ordered three of his and they are so very close to USGI. The finish was a perfect match to Warbird's park on two of my barrel's, again kudo's to both Lou and Warbird :D
I wonder where they get theres from ? My early 90's Springfield came with a FH that looks like someone had hand reamed with a power drill. The hole is realy and out of round and is oval.
Fulton Armory is way overated

FA is way overated, their prices are high and the wait for rifles to be built is very long and that is after they cashed your check. Warbird does a better job at a better price.
The ones I got from LRB looked exactly like the ones fulton is selling. Unless Lou is parkerizing them they are the same thing. I doubt they are gi for that price. FWIW a few companies are selling the imported ones. DPMS was first I think. They are great for the money but for those that demand perfection they need to be toched up with a reamer and parkerized. That's a simple job for any of us smiths. They are rough looking sometimes as is.
I called Fulton and told them that I wasn't happy with the caraftsmanship on the flash hider. They said just box it up[ and return it with a letter stating the problem and that they'll refund my money. So I did...I'll live not having a flash hider on one of my M1A's

DPMS has the nicest/closest to GI that are around.

Never been happy with FA one.

I ordered a fulton flashhider (can't install it because I'm in cali) and found it to be very well made - i'm going to keep it! Sorry to hear yours did not work out, I'm sure fulton will take it back.
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