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I am selling one of my Norinco's. it is a sided stamped 305 sporter with forger receiver and chromed lined barrel.
Upgrade's are
1-NM gas cylinder
2-NM spring guide [SADLAK]
3-NM spring
4-SEI coast guard break
5-SS shims on gas cylinder
6-USGI gas cylinder lock
7-Keep Shooting new trigger group. I full mag shot with new group.
I have just checked it at the range for one mag and at 300 yds it is very accurate.
Have no ideal of the total round count as it was used when I bought it but it shoots all the different type of ammo I have used well.
I have about 250 rounds shot out of it and just don't use it enough to keep.
Will consider all offers but want $1350 as is.
Don't have any way to measure mw or anything else but it shoots good and has no problems.
I did lose the clip guide screw so you will need to get another one if you want to use it
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