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If you want to purchase the rifle please post "Ill take ****" here followed by a PM with shipping info. Will ship to curio /relics holder or FFL. If shipping to FFL make sure he will accept shipment from private individual
No PayPal
USPS Money Order or personal check if I know you
listed on other forums

I recently built this rifle but have decided I have more Garands than I need so have decided to sell her
Some years back CMP sold refinished barreled receivers with bolts. The barrels were NOS unissued 1950's Springfield.
Many parts are NOS Unissued, rest of parts are excellent condition .Rifle has had only 80 rounds through it to test for accuracy and function, barrel isnt even broke it yet. MW 1/2 TW 1, unissued barrels did not measure 0 . This rifle is the closest you will find to getting a new one.
There are a few small marks to the finish, this is just from parts rubbing against each other while in storage.

$1550 plus shipping/Insurance
If you have any questions or need more pictures feel free to PM me
ALL USGI , no commercial parts besides the stock and handguards

Receiver is Springfield 2088227 , lead dipped heel

NOS USGI Unissued parts:
SA 1955 Post War Barrel
SA Gas Cylinder ( no swivel), NOS gas cylinders never had swivels installed
SA Gas lock ( has been timed)
Gas Screw
SA Op Rod Catch
SA Follower Rod
Bullet Guide
77 Series National Match Op Rod
SA Clip Latch and Spring
Rear Sight Base

The rest of the parts are used but excellent condition , all gaged well in spec
Fancy Grade Dupage Stock which has been fitted for accuracy, has USGI buttplate and metal
Bolt has been lapped


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Man Bill, that's a stunning rifle! If it doesn't sell in a few days maybe we can work out a deal since you're a stone's throw away.
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