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No Bill, No Break

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The left has a sit in, demanding a vote on gun control..... Which I'm pretty sure we just had on Monday, and they shot down the counter bills.

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Adjourned - good move
They are going on their break so how important was it really to them?
All show as the left always is, and the right isn't too far behind them.
Wow, that ended pretty quickly...I guess hell has frozen over.
Wow, that ended pretty quickly...I guess hell has frozen over.
The purpose of a magician's assistant is to distract the audience, and the media fell for it, even FOX.

The Sit-In was simply a diversion. Shortly after noon yesterday, Trump finished what even Democrats say was the best speech of his campaign. Besides laying out actual plans, he tore into Hillary like only the FBI can.

It certainly looked like every news network was gearing up to cover it, and it would dominate the nightly news. Until..........

Minutes later an unprecedented Democratic Sit-In begins on the House Floor regarding a polarizing subject. It ended 25 hours later, the Democrats are already on their way home for July 4th Vacation, Trump's speech can only be found on You Tube. RNGR2

Smoke an mirrors. Someone at the DNC really deserves a pay raise for this one.
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Hey, Here is an interesting tidbit that will come as no suprise to most. Laws are for thee not for me!

Mob mentality at its best.

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