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No Bill, No Break

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The left has a sit in, demanding a vote on gun control..... Which I'm pretty sure we just had on Monday, and they shot down the counter bills.

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Interesting how, when they performed their duties as our constitution intends, and couldn't meet the required votes to move forward with the four (unconstitutional) bills that they wanted to get passed, they decided to prevent the senate from voting on any other bills before the break. Didn't they blame the repubs of doing the same thing when there was the fight over raising the debt ceiling so that the administration could continue it's spending spree? I guess it's only OK to prevent the operation of the government when it serves their purposes. I'm also impressed with how long they were able to tough it out before heading off for their vacations. A whole 26hrs? As stated above, this is all for show, just to make this election about the two things they want it to be about, guns and immigration, and draw attention from national security and the economy.
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