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NM marked SGW barrel

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i have what appears to be a brand new standard wieght m14 barrel marked SGW-7791362-11-82-45346 it does not appear to have ever been mounted to a receiver it is not chromed lined and the bore and chamber are in the white,however the bore and chamber appear to be stained or corroded from possible poor storage or parkerising solution getting in the bore or possible corrosive proof ammo[it does have a large "M"and"P"marked near the chamber] my question is this, is this one of the SGW barrels made from a defective batch of steel?[it is standard,not medium weight] should it be short chambered?[it does not appear to be]is this a usgi contract barrel?,would this barrel be safe to use?,any info would be great :D
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That defintely is an SGW barrel, whether it is safe or not I am not qualified to say. I know the gov't had contractual compliance problems with the quality and the word years ago was that lawsuits followed after production.

If it is a GI barrel, no it will not have a short chamber, the NM specifications for #7791362 are very strict and none would be accepted.

From your description it sounds like somebody reparkerized the barrel. GI barrels are held in leak proof fixtures that prevent any solution getting in the bore.

If you mean machine marks as the rough chamber, no way, machine marks would be reason for rejection of an NM barrel.
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