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I received two more of these in a trade. Have no use for them. They are NIW Beretta M9 slides, stripped, and USGI. Pretty neat, but I'm not much of a pistol guy so they have to go.

Markings are as follows:
Left side - ASSY9346442 - 65490
Right side - US 9mm M9 - P.Beretta - 65490 (PB)

Both slides' sights have punched through the plastic bags, and have some very minor rubbing on the finish, but are not damaged and appear to be in nearly perfect condition. Also, one of them punched through the rear of the bag. So, the bag is open a bit.

The slides have some dried preservative on them. These are brand new, unissued.

I also have one slide that's been used. It's in serviceable condition, and would make a great shooter or for those that want to carry their M9 and are afraid of getting holster wear on a new slide. This slide also has sights, but is stripped otherwise.

Price for the NIW slides is $100.00 each + shipping.

Price for the used slide is $50.00 + shipping.

First "I'll Take It" rules apply followed by a PM indicating the same info PLUS your full name, address, and preferred payment method.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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