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I picked up a HRA Garand from my buddy to help him out, and now I am looking to get my cash back out of it. It is a CMP gun, although I don't have the certificate right now. The ME is 3+, not sure what the TE is. It is in over all pretty good condition. It will make a great shooter. The Rear Sight elevation knob is cracked, but still works if you apply some pressure while turning. The parts list is the following:

Receiver: HRA 5573xxx
Barrel: HRA 6535448 8-54
Op-Rod: 6535382 SA
Bolt: 6528287 SA A15
Trigger Housing: 6528290 HRA N
Safety: HRA
Hammer: HRA 5546008
Rear Sights: Windage: HRA
Elevation: WCE

I am asking $740.00. I would prefer a FTF sale in NE Ohio, but will consider shipping on the buyers dime.

God Bless the USA

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