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Q is sufficient. Que gets the point across just fine. Queue if the dean is going to grade it. This ain't the M14 university exactly. I hope to see some build process photos that we don't see much of. I like the last thread you made showing the barrels hand tight. That I've learned is where experience comes into play figuring out exactly where you want hand tight to be as to not over tourqe the barrel.
When I'm writing code, I go sPsuedoHungarianNotation, and just use the 'Q' as part of the description. I.e., 'sHvacSendQ'.

If I'm going to bother with a 'ue', I like the double-double version, because of my affinity for Inn-N-Out, and otherwise I get confused with the Dragon Wings reference, or my Spanglish (sans the fancy enhancement). I've been referred to the dean in the College of Arts and Sciences (by a Sociology section leader who considered a suggestion that they and their boss leader had biases was a foot in the door of a hate crime). I don't think that dean cared about what I did. The dean of the school of engineering was a really nice lady, but at that point in my life, it wasn't for me.

Maybe it was too useful a skill set? Or maybe I just need to be able to get my hands on it for it and generate a context of relevance to wrap my head and motivation around it. I'm pretty sure that if I grew up a few decades later, with more compliant parents, I would have been medicated in my youth. :p

Oh no, not another spell Nazi!

Yu dun makin dat trd smelt badder.
I don't know.

When my butt stops hurting, i'd rather know. In this forum, it truly doesn't matter. In another occasion, it might. My feelings will recover. The only place I insist on being incorrect is in the use of punctuation as it relates to quotes and parentheses, as I believe that the standard is logically incorrect, and I'm doing my part in civil disobedience to make the world a better place.
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