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Next best case other than Pelican?

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New guy here. Just bought new M1A loaded and I'm looking for a case for it. Kinda short on funds right now.What would you consider the next best hard case to a Pelican 1750???
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It's really hard to beat a Pelican for their ruggedness. They are costly, but if you get online and look around, you can find them discounted. When you are looking online, you will find some other manufactured cases that are quite rugged, for a better price. What is the use for the case. If it's just for transporting to the range, you certainly will not need anything as HD, as the pelican. dozier
I have a two rifle Pelican case and I really like it for its ruggedness but it is pretty heavy and unwieldy for short trips to the range, so keep that in mind.

I am about to start looking for some kind of soft sided tactical rifle case big enough for my M14SA for just that reason.

Exactly, the Pelican is overkill for this type of use. For range trips a $25 soft case is more than enough. dozier
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When I got my loaded the other day Springfield had a coupn slip in there. One of the items was Rifle Case, Delux Ballistic (Fits with Scope Installed) for $39. Anyone know if this is any good, hard side or soft?

So SAI is still offering the cases w/the loaded model. Purchased my first M1A(loaded) in 1996. Probably got the same coupon. Ordered the No-name rifle case along with 4(max amount you could order)-Original USGI mags. The rifle case was of good to fair quality. Not sure it will be the same Mfg. though. BTW the mags were $20 apiece. Wish I would have been able to buy more. dozier
I agree, the hardigg 5009 is next in line, price wise and utility wise.

You haven't ridden with me to the range yet in my four wheel drive. DI2 Also the weather stops noone with a Pelican. Mine are good for 50 meters submersion in salt water or fresh. Lifetime guarantee sold me also, and I am very careful about spending on high dollar items, but these rifles deserve the best in my opinion.

No, I haven't rip. I'd probably get a good hard case in that instance. My present range is graveled to within 15' of the firing line, so a padded soft case in the bed of my P/U is more than enough. I do have a Pelican Computer Case, and that computer gets more rough handling/usage than my guns do. That Pelican Case is a good piece of gear. dozier
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