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Get in a good position so that the sights will almost stay on target without much effort on your part. Once your in a good position pull the rifle into your shoulder get the sights on th e target. Take up the slack on the trigger. Hold your breath and squeeze off a round. Hold the trigger to the rear until the rifle stops moving. Take another breath and do it all over again. Aim at the same exact spot each time. If your group is a little low use the scope adjustment to bring it up a little. Most scopes are 1/4 inch adjustment per click at 100 yds. Bore sighters get you close but the bullet will do what it wants when it leaves the barrel.

At home in the basement do lots of dry fire practice. put a sticker on the wall and then work on holding the rifle still while you squeeze the trigger.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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