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Guys I've recently put together my Sage EBR. It's a Springfield M1a standard with the Sage EBR, trigger has been reworked to about 4lbs. Installed Sadlak NM gas piston, Sadlak Spring Guide, Larue mount with a Millet TRS-1 16x50. I've never owned a large caliber semi auto before I bought my M1a. I bore sighted the rifle at what I thought was 100yds but it wound up being about 75. Went to the range yesterday and it was on paper but I could tell it is a little low. I'm posting my target pics to give you guys an idea of what its shooting now at 100 yards. Can you guys give me some pointers on what I should be doing. I notice I'm having a hard time controlling it when it recoils back. Whats the best way to hold the Sage, should I get a pistol grip to put up front? Any tips you guys can give me would be awesome!!

Thanks,Chase Oldsman350
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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