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I just picked up a chinese norinco m14 sporter.

What kind of accuracy should i expect from it at 100yds. with the orginal iron sights?

I been using the surplus south african 308 fmj ball ammo in all of my 308 rifles with having good accuracy from them too. My russian saiga's benchrested are shooting 1 1/2'' groups at 100yds with the surplus SA 308 ball ammo. I figure to try the SA 308 ball ammo first. I did also load up 8k of 308win brass with the 145gr FMJBT surplus bullets too using 42grs of IMR 4895 powder with the CCI #34 nato primers. For my russian saiga's in 308 to plink with and i hope the'll wotrk in my m14 too.

How far can the m1a/m14 really shoot accurately at what distance??(whats the range of my 14?)

Since the m14 is being reissued in the sand box across the pond what bullet weights are they using for the long range sniping?

Can one bullet weight in the m14 for long range shooting be more stable than another?

Sorry for all the questions but i'd like to fully understand the info on the m14 and what it can or can't do. Since i been hammered for a longtime to get either a M1 garand or an m14 i finally got something that may make me want to buy more. Thanks, Bill
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Here go's BB, with Mil-surp the M1a/M14 should shoot well, but don't expect Match grade accuracy with run of the mill surplus ammo, with a good rifle at a 100yds I think a group the size of a tennis ball is good to go if its any smaller your ahead of the curve.

Your load is a little soft in the speed area, with light pills they seem too shrink down when pushed too M80 ball specs(2800fps) your load is a great fun plinker load, your 42.grn IMR-4895 load would work best with a 168 and give about 2600fps where most of our rifles find there accuracy node.

How far will it shoot? with the above load with the 168 on a calm day 600yds is about the norm if the wind picks up the above charge with a 175 Sierra is the better way too fly, if you can read the wind the 175 will hold black out too 1000yds. But you didn't say what cases you were reloading commercial or military?

If your looking for a onesize fits best pill the 168 will get you by inside 600yds, the 175 for anything past.

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Awesome info thanks. I can load up the 168gr FMJBT and the 175gr FMJBT for my m14 and use the 145gr FMJBT in my saiga in 308win. I'm going to get really busy this winter reloading. I will load some soon to zero the m14 in to see how she groups. I only have a 100yd range here but at my camp i have a unlimited longer range to shoot it. Bill
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