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1. A friend of mine has a FedOrd, we have replaced the barrel so far due to excessive head space. If you have a USGI bolt your better off. Look on top on the bolt to see if there is any numbers or letters. Take some pictures and post it here. FedOrds are ok, If you have to line them up I think it towards the bottom, but that is only my opinion.

2. Take it to a smith and have the headspace checked out. More than likely the head space is probably set to NATO specs.

3. On the parts there should be numbering and letters finds those and post it some can help you out with those numbers and letters. You could have all USGI parts, I think FO made some rifles with USGI parts.

4. I would say NO, but I could be mistaken.

5. CMI Mags from 44mag.com
6. Between 147 & 175 Good idea NOT to use commercial .308 ammo. Find some NATO ammo, like the German DAG. Winchester makes 7.62NATO ammo as well with other manufactures.
7. Go to the "Gun Professional" section of the forum and read some of the post there by those guys.
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