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I'm a rook myself, so I'll take some of the EZ ones:

5. Extra mags - the consensus is to stick with Checkmate (CMI) mags, which are USGI as far as I know. These guys here: http://www.44mag.com/ offer them. Before I landed here I picked up mine from Dillon. They're not all that more expensive than other mags out there (so called "GI style")- and worlds more reliable from what I read. I've never tried anything but CMI mags.

6. 147gr is the weight of the surplus ammo I've got, seems as good a place as any to start. ;) From what I've seen of the fancier Match ammo, bullet weights run higher, like 168 grains. The better to buck the wind at longer ranges as I understand it.

There are good deals on German DAG ammo out there, but be aware that some of it (particularly 1993 production) may have some corrosion. Safe bet is to open up the pack and the boxes and examine them and then store them in an ammo can or something.

Also some Radway Green surplus ammo in 4-round links out there. De-linking is pretty easy, there are posts on here about it.

7. Scott Duff has an Owners' Guide which I've yet to get myself, but many have said it is THE book on the M14.
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